What I Do

As a User Experience Designer, I take the current state of your product or idea and work with you to clarify project needs, define scope, and design (or refine) the user interface. At the end of each project I deliver development-ready wireframes or prototype.

What to expect

I often work one-on-one with individuals and small teams to update or define the user experience of their product. I also collaborate within larger organizations to lead or support the user experience phase of a project.

All projects go through the same core phases:

  1. Discovery

    Understand the current state and needs of the product or service. Review state of industry and/or competition. Define user needs and feature scope.

  2. Information Architecture

    Determine the best organization of information and task flows within the interface. For existing products, understand the existing organization and work within it, or propose changes.

  3. Ideation

    Explore possibilities and identify viable solutions to user needs.

  4. Interaction Design

    Define and structure a successful user interface. Work with team to critique and improve designs. Deliver annotated wireframes or functional prototype.

Optional Services

Depending on the needs and budget of the project, I also scope phases such as:

  1. User Research

    Before beginning design, understand the needs of users by conducting interviews or observations.

  2. Prototype Development

    Create a functional, interactive mockup of the interface sufficient to prove usability and interactions. May be used to pitch product or conduct user testing.

  3. User Testing

    Test prototype with users to determine where design can be improved. Validate assumptions, determine usability, identify successes and flaws in design. May include several iterative rounds of analysis and refinement of design.

  4. Visual Design

    Create a functional system of visual elements to enhance the user experience of a product. May include aligning product to existing brand or visual aesthetic.

Getting Started

The first step is contacting me and telling me a little about your project.

I scope each project in detail before beginning so as to give you a clear estimate of timeline and cost. Before we agree to work together, I provide a comprehensive proposal that outlines:

  • Project tasks and services
  • Deliverables to be created
  • Timeline
  • Estimated hours
  • Estimated total cost

One we agree on the scope of the proposal, the project can begin.

Ready to start?

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